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About Siragu

The disadvantages and discrimination faced by underprivileged women severely limits their ability to lift themselves out of poverty unaided. These women both in urban and rural settings lack the necessary opportunities to satisfy their aspirations to be self reliant. As a result, they are more likely to work in informal, low-wage jobs with exploitative and unequal working conditions, and have limited access to goods and services.


Siragu aims at empowering women from low-income communities through skill development and financial awareness, so that they can overcome poverty unaided and lead a life of dignity.

The women at Siragu are taught the art of tailoring and they engage in making eco-friendly products out of sustainable materials such as Jute, Recycled Cloth, Up-cycled Denim, Newspaper as well as scented Candles and Soaps. The products made are sold through various online and offline mediums, such as our website, and the proceeds directly help the women to lead a better life.

Siragu is an initiative of the Acid Survivors and Women Welfare Foundation (ASWWF), a leading non-profit organisation in India for prevention of acid burn and other violence against women in India, as well as support for acid survivors and women.

Themes of Operation

Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a path for poverty reduction and gender equality. Siragu operates with the following primary themes:

Skill Training

Siragu primarily aims at imparting the skill of ‘tailoring’ to women from the less privileged areas, thereby upskilling them.

Dignified Work Space

The beneficiaries are provided free use of the fully equipped work space at Siragu Self-Help Centres. Siragu provides the necessary facilities to these women to ensure they have adequate wages and safe working conditions.

Financial Awareness

Siragu fosters economic empowerment by teaching the women to save and invest small amounts of their earnings in banks / post office savings accounts. The women are also educated about key government schemes that they can avail. With improved financial awareness they can make improved decisions for themselves and their children, and play a leadership role in their communities.


Siragu helps women gain access to basic business resources to help achieve their dream of becoming ‘Womenpreneurs.’ Their entrepreneurial quest helps in building better livelihoods and in creating businesses that provide employment and boost local economies.

Planting a Tree




low-income community women directly


Average increase in income levels for Women

Covid-19 Relief Impact



Siragu Stories


"Before I came to Siragu, I only knew how to use a paddle tailoring machine, but now I have learned how to operate a power tailoring machine. I have learned how to make many new items after coming to Siragu. Siragu gave me a platform to become confident and my family is very happy with the work I am doing. My ambition is to stand on my own feet, study further and provide a good life for my children.”



"I’ve always been interested in the art of tailoring. I’ve learned how to make many products such as bags, candles, etc after coming to Siragu. I feel happy when I work at Siragu and everyone around is very motivating. My ambition in life is to learn more and teach everyone what I have learnt."



With the vision to upskill and empower women across the globe, Siragu is working on creating structured digital tailoring modules. If you are interested in knowing more, write to us at the email address given below.

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