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Project Devi


Devi is a Sanskrit term used to refer to the feminine energy or divine power that is worshipped in various forms across India. Devi is seen as the embodiment of the primordial energy or Shakti that pervades the universe and is responsible for creation, preservation, and destruction. Project Devi is, thus, a tribute to this feminine Shakti.
Project Devi has been designed to work at the intersection of sustainability and menstruation, and envisions providing environment-friendly menstruation solutions through a two-fold goal:
Awareness: By generating awareness about healthy menstruation and the lesser-spoken (hushed) aspects around periods through educational material in vernacular languages
Accessibility: By providing a budget-friendly, sustainable, and reusable pad (Riha Pads)

Riha - the Reusable Pad: The word ‘Riha’, means ‘freedom’ in Urdu, and through these pads, we envision freeing users from impacting the environment and from the vicious cycle of buying and using disposable pads.  The sustainable and reusable Riha pads have been created by trained women beneficiaries from the Siragu community, keeping the highest standards of usability and hygiene in mind

The USP:

  1. Longevity: Lasts for more than 30 menstrual cycles (~3 years)

  2. Sustainability: 1/5th (one-fifth) of the cost of a disposable pad

  3. Cost of Disposable Pads: INR 2016 over a span of 3 years (at INR 56 per month x 12 months, for 3 years)

  4. Cost of Riha Pads: 4 Riha pads cost only INR 350, and can be used for the same time period

  5. Environment-friendly: Made using environmentally conscious materials such as high-quality cotton, poplin, flannel, and PUL which helps in up to 98% waste reduction

  6. Safety: Riha Pads ensure your intimate health and safety are taken care of through industry-standardised and hygienic manufacturing processes


500 +

Riha Pads


1000 +


made aware

Current Impact:

Project Partner: Paint It Red

Our project partner and consultant, Paint It Red, has been working extensively in the Menstrual Health Management sector for over X years. Paint It Red envisions creating a sustained space which includes educating, empowering and engaging womxn in the Indian society, especially marginalized and economically vulnerable sections, concerning

Core Team:

Akanksha Sharma.jpg

Akanksha Sharma  

Project Lead

Mehak Verma.jpg

Mehak Verma


Tanisha Gupta.jpg

Tanisha Gupta


To volunteer or support our initiative, please write to us at:

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