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Bags of Happiness

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Bag of Happiness emerged out of pursuit to inspire and support the community and impart a sense of sharing in every individual for both personal & social uplifting. Bag of Happiness provides a platform where-in school students can get a sense of being associated with a social cause through a participatory approach. The concept encourages building awareness among students who have the necessary resources to bring about a change.

How it Works - 


  • The women at Siragu manufacture small jute bags that can hold upto 120 grams of rice

  • The manufactured bags are then distributed amongst high school students from a renowned school

  • The students are asked to bring rice in the given bags, once a fortnight 

  • The rice is centrally collected and then distributed to old-age homes and orphanages


Through this initiative, about 1500 kgs of rice was collected and distributed successfully in two orphanages, one old-age home and one acid victim survivors’ shelter. 

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