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Siragu aims to empower underprivileged women by providing them a platform for skill development and financial awareness

About Siragu

Siragu aims at empowering women from low-income communities through skill development and financial awareness so that they can overcome poverty unaided and lead a life of dignity.


The women at Siragu are taught the art of tailoring and they engage in making eco-friendly products out of sustainable materials such as Jute, Recycled Cloth, Up-cycled Denim, Newspaper as well as scented Candles and Soaps. The products made are sold through various online and offline mediums, such as our website, and the proceeds directly help the women to lead a better life.


500 +


low income community women directly


Average increase in 

income levels for


25000 +

People Impacted

During Covid Relief

Siragu Shop


Covid Relief
Project Feeding Chennai was an initiative carried out for 10 weeks during the lockdown months of Covid19 to support daily-wage workers and their families with essential items such as food packages and hygiene kits, thus helping reduce the stress on their financial spending.
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Bag of Happiness
Bag of Happiness emerged out of pursuit to inspire and support the community and impart a sense of sharing in every individual for both personal & social uplifting.  Bag of Happiness provides a platform where-in school students can get a sense of being associated with a social cause through a participatory approach.
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Skill Development
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Project Devi
Project Devi is a tribute to the feminine Shakti. Project Devi has been designed to work at the intersection of sustainability and menstruation, and envisions providing environment-friendly menstruation solutions 
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